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We are pleased to offer a family of products which provide end-to-end wireless network solutions for both new and existing applications. Such applications as remote monitoring, meter reading, mobile telemetry, vending and route management, and security are easily adapted to our wireless solutions.

SkyConex™ wireless terminals
The SkyConex wireless terminal is a small embedded wireless controller which provides a message-based interface for the application developer, independent of the underlying wireless network used to transport the application data. This greatly simplifies the cost of development and testing for new applications. The message structure is similar to that used for HDLC framing. In addition, the wireless terminal provides several discrete inputs and outputs for control and monitoring of switches and sensors.


SkyConex™ data multiplexing tranceiver
Since the SkyConex protocols are message-based, a single tranceiver can be used at the head-end site to collect data from and control multiple wireless terminals. The data from each of the remote units are combined into a single data stream that is presented to the head-end customer application. The customer application is relieved of knowing about the on-air protocols and thus development efforts can be focused entirely on developing the application. As a result, no large bank of receivers is required a the head-end and the system cost is greatly reducted. The head-end tranceivers can also be configured to be redundant eliminating the possibility of a single failure disrupting the entire network.


SkyConex™ network management tools
The administration of installed systems is simplified by our network management tools. Routine diagnostic monitoring and fault diagnosis can be automated by the network managment software and alarms generated to alert operators when faults occur (for example if a remote terminal fails to report in a timely fashion). Also, the system can be configured to accept reports when a remote unit has not received information from the head-end application, thus providing redundant monitoring of the wireless link.